Haus of Decline is an ongoing multimedia project that was created by two guys named Alex and Stephen.

It started as a podcast so that we would have an excuse to keep in touch, but grew to also encompass the work produced by our respective artistic practices; comics for Alex and programming for Stephen.

We hope to expand the project even further! Movies! Video Games! Performance Art! Join us on our quest to become the ultimate media assholes!

Stephen has since retired from public life, but he remains active as the Chief Technical Officer, pulling digital strings from behind the scenes.

In the meantime, listen to the podcast. It is mostly comedy-oriented, and Alex will often interview somebody, and talk about their true feelings.

Read the comics. They are about Queer harmony and delightfult scatological gags.

Enjoy our website and join the Discord. They are Byzantine and they contain fiendish games.

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